Evolution, Human Evolution, Theory Of Evolution, Human Intelligence Gone Ape
-- This book was originally published in the 1980s --


Written in the layman's language, 'Human Intelligence Gone Ape' disproves the theory of evolution in more ways than one. It shows how evolution is genetically impossible. It recounts space explorations of other planets which also confirm that evolution is a baseless theory. In addition, it shows how massive random genetic mutations -- the alleged mechanism behind evolution -- over a period of billions of years, instead of perpetuating an evolutionary process, would actually have wiped out an already populated planet.

This book also demonstrates how scientifically accepted theories of the evolution of our solar system are not supported by space exploration, how scientific accounts of the evolution of the entire universe are against the very scientific principles which they are based on, and how the ultimate origin of the universe could not possibly have been of a physical nature and is beyond scientific explanation.

Finally, this book attempts to decipher some of the psychological aspects behind the acceptance of some scientific theories.


A computer consultant for over two decades, Josh Greenberger has developed software for such organizations as NASA's Goddard Institute of Space Studies, AT&T, Charles Schwab, Bell Laboratories and Chase Manhattan Bank. He has been responsible for training technical personnel as well as management in design and programming of applications systems.

Since 1984, the author's articles and letters have appeared in The New York Times, The New York Post, The New York Daily News, Newsday, The Village Voice, The Jewish Press, and other publications. His writings have ranged from humor to scientific to topical events.

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